World's First Mobile Power System Utilizing "Flow Battery" Technology from Meineng Energy Secures Technological Achievements Appraisal by Huaibei City Technology Bureau
Today Anhui Meineng Store Energy System Co., Ltd. announces that its first-of-a-kind"flow battery"-based mobile power system has secured approval in a "Technological Achievements Appraisal" by Huaibei City Technology Bureau. The project is in cooperation with Huaibei Power Supply Company and titled "A Novel Green Environmental Protection Zinc-Bromide Battery Energy Storage Mobile Power System Research Project".As the world's first flow battery technology for mobile power, the Huaibei government attaches great importance to the project. The critical Science and Technology project was conceived in 2012 and formally approved by the State Grid Corporation at the beginning of 2013. OnJanuary 22, 2014, the project passed acceptance by Anhui Electric Power Corporation.
The mobile power supply system includes a modified "standard power truck", two Meineng Energy "V3-S" zinc bromide battery modules, intelligent battery management systems, a power control system, and other support modules. Requirements for the project included integration into a readily available truck, easy access, high energy density, safety, no noise and ease of operation. A key criterion for its selection was the key capability of Meineng's zinc bromide battery technology to deliver a large amount of energy from a very compact product. It was also selected based upon economics, safety, environmental friendliness, and the flexibility to be utilized in a wide operating range of temperatures. The finished product is very simple, with excellent maintainability and safety, yet offers outstanding performance and capability. The finished product is truly a breakthrough in technology, yet has a very practical application for emergency back-up power in case of natural disasters or other uses where a mobileelectricalsupply of energy is required.
Meineng's innovative "green" power system was designed to be charged at a base station, driven to the location where the energy is required, and then deliver up to 125kWh of energy, depending on configuration. The mobile power system can retain its energy for 72 hours, or even longer, after departing from the base station. The successful implementation of this project has demonstrated a viable DC or AC power alternative for traditionally used unreliable, expensive and polluting mobile diesel power systems.
The V3-S was designed to provide the same innovative energy storage capability of the V3 module in a more compact design, bringing the outstanding energy density and performance characteristics to applications where there is a low ceiling height or limited space, such as small indoor rooms or basements, or for other mobile applications. The V3-S can be configured for applications ranging from 50kWh to more than 5000kWh, in applications requiring a safe and environmentally friendly high-performance energy storage solution. 
Meineng Energy produces advanced energy storage and control systems for stationary and mobile applications, ranging from 6kWh to more than 5000kWh, customized to meet the specific needs of each application. Meineng Energy is a joint venture company formed by ZBB-PowerSav Holdings Ltd. and Anhui XinDong Invest Management Company, Ltd. Meineng Energy is licensed to exclusively produce, sell, service and improve ZBB Energy Corporation products in China, and non-exclusively in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
About Meineng Energy
Anhui Meineng Store Energy System Co., Ltd. is a provider of leading-edge energy storage systems and solutions to the greater China market. The company is a joint venture composed of investors ZBB Energy Corp., Anhui Xinlong Electrical Co., Ltd, PowerSav Inc. and Wuhu Huarui, and is located in Wuhu, Anhui Province. Meineng's products enable improved efficiency of energy distribution, and include 3rd generation Zinc-Bromide flow batteries and power electronics and control systems, for a total storage and management system level solution. Meineng's EnerStore flow battery is easy to transport and service, and operates indoors or outdoors with the widest ambient temperature range of any commercially available flow battery. Meineng customizes the system design proposal to meet specific requirements for applications such as wind and solar renewable energy, distributed storage for commercial and industrial facilities, utility scale peak power support, telecommunications and other applications. For more information, visit