Renewable Energy Storage and Control
Wind and Solar power generation will play a major role in supplying the energy needs of China in the coming years. Most renewable energy sources are intermittent and in many cases the energy generated is mismatched to the energy demand, which can create significant disturbance to the grid network. As more renewable energy generation is incorporated to the grid, this supply and demand mismatch becomes increasingly problematic. Energy storage plays an important role in matching energy supply to the system load or demand, improving renewable energy system utilization and smoothing any disturbances to the grid.

Large Capacity Wind Energy Storage Systems
Meineng Energy wind energy storage systems deliver higher efficiency, are cost effective and factory tested prior to installation. They can be quickly deployed in large building blocks to 4MWh and higher capacity. Their robust design allows them to be deployed outdoors in standard containers, without special buildings or costly and unreliable auxiliary temperature control systems.

On-Grid or Off-Grid Solar Energy Systems
Solar energy generation will become an ever greater portion of the China energy mix in the coming years, especially given China PV producer’s best in class production cost. Meineng Energy creates storage and energy management systems that are scalable and flexible enough for any on or off-grid PV system. Whether large on-grid solar farms, commercial building PV integration or off-grid island power, Meineng Energy can create the optimum system for the application.


Power Security Systems
Meineng Energy supplies power security systems that can be tailored for specific needs of data centers, hospitals, military, commercial and industrial use. With capability to design a system that integrates and manages multiple storage technologies based upon individual application needs, Meineng Energy can provide the secure power that you need. Meineng Energy systems are capable of combining a variety of back-up power, energy storage and renewable energy sources to enable high reliability power security. The power security systems from Meineng Energy not only guarantee reliable power for your application, but are environmentally friendly.

Distributed Storage and Micro-grid Systems – The Key to Smart-Grid Deployment
Distributed storage offers the ability to significantly reduce energy demand during periods of peak system load. An optimal “Smart-Grid” cannot be deployed without high performance energy storage systems. Meineng Energy can deploy advanced Micro-Grid based systems that will turn any commercial or industrial building into a virtual power plant that stores energy during off-peak time periods and releases it when it is needed most – during peak energy demand periods. The result: an overall increase in the efficiency and performance of the grid network.

“Smart” and “Green” Building Systems
Meineng Energy’s advanced energy storage and control systems enable green building systems that will be a key to achieving a better environment. With Meineng’s systems, a building can capture multiple value streams. A single system can provide rate reduction through charging at nighttime electricity rates and discharging during peak daytime rates, while also managing renewable energy resources, like rooftop solar or micro-turbines, as well as providing back-up power in the event of a power outage. Meineng’s systems can be safely and easily deployed indoors with a Meineng Energy micro-grid system.

Island Power and Portable Systems
An energy storage and control system from Meineng Energy is a vital component in creating a highly reliable and economical island power network. By incorporating energy storage and power generation from solar, wind or diesel generators, the intelligent system will guarantee an island community’s energy needs are met 24 hours a day.
Meineng’s products are also ideal for transportable power systems. Whether for “disaster recovery” or other mobile power needs, Meineng’s systems can be transported on a truck and ready for action quickly.

Telecom Power
Meineng provides smaller energy storage and control systems for on or off-grid telecom towers. These systems replace diesel generators as either primary or back-up power sources, or work in conjunction with diesel gen-sets to extend the life of their operation or reduce diesel fuel transportation costs.