About EnSync Energy Corporation
EnSync Energy Corporation (NYSE MKT:ESNC) provides advanced electrical power management platforms targeted at the growing global need for distributed renewable energy, energy efficiency, power quality, and grid modernization. EnSync has developed a portfolio of intelligent power management platforms that directly integrate multiple renewable and conventional onsite generation sources with rechargeable Zinc-Bromide flow batteries and other storage technology. The company also offers advanced systems to directly connect wind and solar equipment to the grid and systems that can form various levels of micro-grids. Tier Electronics participates in the energy efficiency markets through their hybrid vehicle control systems, and power quality markets with their line of regulation solutions. Together, these platforms solve a wide range of electrical system challenges in global markets for utility, governmental, commercial, industrial and residential end customers. A developer and manufacturer of its modular, scalable and environmentally friendly power systems, EnSync Energy was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Wisconsin, USA with offices also located in Perth, Western Australia. For more information, visit www.ensync.com.

About Xinlong Electrical
Xinlong Electrical manufactures a wide range of electrical equipment, including high and low-voltage power electronics, medium-voltage switches, automation and control systems and power quality and conditioning systems. Publicly traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Xinlong Electrical forecasts sales of $200 Million for 2011, with Registered Capital of $275 Million. From 22 locations throughout China, Xinlong Electrical has more than 450 sales resources, aftermarket field support personnel, and project integration teams serving key market segments such as State Grid and South Grid electricity and power projects, transportation, telecommunications, industrial and commercial building and manufacturing. For more information, visit www.ah-xinlong.com.

Company profile

Anhui Meineng Store Energy System Co., Ltd is a provider of leading-edge energy storage systems and solutions to the greater China market. The company is a joint venture composed of EnSync Energy Corp., Anhui Xinlong Electrical Co., Ltd, PowerSav Inc. and Wuhu Huarui, and is located in Wuhu, Anhui Province. Meineng’s products enable improved efficiency of energy distribution, and include 3rd generation Zinc-Bromide flow batteries and power electronics and control systems, for a total storage and management system level solution. Meineng’s EnerStore flow battery is the most advanced in the industry, is easy to transport and service, and operates indoors or outdoors with the widest ambient temperature range of any commercially available flow battery. Meineng’s energy storage batteries are self-contained, modular units and are easy to transport, enabling delivery of an expandable solution that is virtually “plug and play”, to your site. Meineng customizes the system design proposal to meet your requirements for applications such as wind and solar renewable energy, distributed storage for commercial and industrial facilities, utility scale peak power support, telecommunications and other applications.


About Wuhu Huarui
With 2010 revenue of $210 Million, WuHu Huarui specializes in electric power transmission and substation project construction, and has strong and long established relationships with the China grid companies. A distinct leader in the design, engineering and deployment of UHV transmission systems throughout China, WuHu Huarui is a turnkey contractor of electric power projects, electrical engineering projects and municipal engineering projects, covering power electricity, roads, railways, metro transport, shipbuilding and other segments. For more information, visit www.tte.sepcc.com/en.aspx.

About PowerSav
PowerSav Inc. is a multinational private equity firm, connecting technology companies from the US, Europe and Taiwan with the China market and Chinese Corporate, municipal and private investors. For more information, visit www.powersav.net.